What can we do to stop mass production breeding farms?

stop breeding farms KMass production breeding farms or puppy mills as they are called are breeding facilities that breed dogs solely for profit. As these breeding farms are the only source of income for the breeders, they are not remotely concerned about the health or feelings of the dogs they are breeding. The dogs are kept in hastily assemble shacks or cages where they are exposed to the elements. The scorching heat and freezing cold are the dog's constant companion throughout the day.

To maximize space, the dogs are sometimes stacked in cages. This breeds diseases and parasites as the droppings from the dogs in the cages at the top fall on the dogs beneath them. Most dogs end up with parasites and maggots as the breeders don’t keep them clean and washed.

These dogs rarely visit a veterinary and their diet is most times inadequate and of poor nutritional value. The female dogs are subjected to inhumane treatments and forced to breed at an early age. The female dogs are bred repeatedly without giving the body time to heal and recover. When the breeders notice that these maltreated female dogs have become weak and unproductive, these dogs are disposed of and killed. Puppies are weaned from their sickly mothers at an extremely early age and are shipped to pet shops around the country. The means of transporting these puppies are no better than their living condition as most are crammed into cages to maximize the number of puppies transported per trip.

Mass production breeding farms are the major contributor of inherited diseases and congenital defects in dogs. Some of these diseases are deafness in Dalmatians, hip dysplasia in large dogs like Rottweiler and German Shepherd. These defects are passed on unsuspecting customers that buy these breed for exorbitant prices. The new owners are now left to bear the pains of taking care of the dogs when the symptoms appear. Lots of money is spent trying to treat the dogs that they bought as puppies and have now developed an emotional attachment to.

To stop mass production feeding farms, more stringent laws have to be put in place to apprehend the immoral and unscrupulous breeders. The government will also have to be more proactive to ensure that these laws are implemented and followed. These laws should also stop pet shops from selling puppies but rather give out such puppies to homes that can properly take care of the dogs.

Wealthy citizens and celebrities make up a large percentage of people that patronize pet shops looking for rare and exotic dogs as pets or companions. These influential groups of people should rather stick to more cruelty free options. If they really want to get around these highly endangered species, they could just play with any of the wolf run slot machine free of charge slots, and leave the flesh and blood animals in their natural habitat. A conscious effort should be made on the part of these celebrities and wealthy people. If there is no demand for these rare breeds, the need to rear them by these nefarious breeders will stop.

An awareness campaign can be raised to make consumers realize that they have a huge part to play in putting a stop to mass production breeding farms. If every consumer refuses to patronize pet shops and shelters that sell pets, the breeders will run out of the market of mass production breeding.