Why we need new petitions to sign in new pet laws

new pet lawsJustice is usually required for dogs, cats and other kinds of pet that are stolen from their families. But what kind of Justice? Most pet owners believe that the government has to become a lot more serious in clamping down and make legislation a lot hotter for those who engage in animal theft. These animals may have ears and tongues and may not speak our languages but they are connected with the hearts of their owners and they would be their mouthpieces, they would be their voices and they won't stop until they are heard. Pets are not things or what most people call stuff, they are not property or wood, these are creatures that are fed, nurtured and taken care of and most importantly, they are loved.

They have become members of the family and the loss of one is just as important as the loss of any family member. Such an occurrence can easily rip or tear the family apart. If a child goes through kidnapping experience that max that the offender faces is fourteen years in imprisonment. Aggravated burglary the max sentence is life. Theft of a pet should be recognized on its own right and merit as a separate kind of law. Most pet owners believe, theft of pets should be recognized as a criminal offense and those who are found to be guilty of such an offense should face the maximum sentence available and the full weight of the law. The law should have a designated punishable offense which stipulates pets as members of the family not as possessions that can be easily stolen and such crime perpetrators should face the maximum penalty of the law.

This is important because they are thousands of dogs stolen every day all across the state and if we do not say anything about this issue, it will not only continue to exist but it will increase. We want to raise the awareness of people to this important fact that our pets are important members of our family and we will not sit back idly and watch as they are snatched away right from our homes. Every day more pet owners are rising, people love their pets which was practically unheard of 20 years back when pets were legally considered property. This hasn't changed much but there are at least some blurred lines there. For example, cats have a right to be free from cruelty and a few other rights like that.

Today over ninety percent of pet owners say that their pets are part of their family. And a large percentage would risk their lives to save their pets. Over fifty-five billion was spent on the pet industry. Our pets have become a focal point of debate in legislation and sometimes these creatures are able to afford their own legal representation. It still remains to be seen how the law will accommodate these creatures in the coming years.