Celebrities That Endorse Modern Pet Laws

Humane Society SThe Humane Society is an established worldwide organization catering to animal welfare. Every year, The Humane Society saves thousands of animals that are victims of cruelty and other circumstances that are beyond their control. The animals they save from unacceptable conditions are not limited to domestic pets such as dogs and cats. Rather, help is extended to all kinds of animals — including those from the wild — that are in dire need of care, protection, and shelter.

On the other hand, The Humane Society also advocates against puppy mill business, and so do many famous celebrities. Here are some of them who are not only against puppy mills, but also supporters of spaying and neutering which aims to prevent the increase of homeless or abandoned animals.

Charlize Theron

Growing up in South Africa, Theron has since inherited her love for animals from her mother. She also admits being particularly passionate with rescue dogs, having lived with some of them when she was a child. Theron is also an avid opposer of puppy mills. Her advocacy against puppy mills began when she saw a video showing the miserable condition of dogs in the said facilities. In addition, she was also able to save a Black Rhino named Baixinha from being shot for a trophy. Eventually, the rhino was sent to a wildlife sanctuary.

Diane Keaton

Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton advises pet lovers not to go in pet stores. While she is against puppy mills, she advocates purchasing and adopting animals from shelters or rescue groups. Adoption in particular is close to Keaton’s heart. Aside from her two adopted children, Dexter and Duke, Keaton has already adopted several rescue dogs by visiting shelters. She has since supported several causes that shun pet stores and promote adoption.

Bob Barker

Every year, millions of lost, abandoned, or homeless dogs or cats are entered into shelters. However, many of these rescued animals, which are not as fortunate as the others who are adopted, end up euthanized due to space shortage. The Price is Right’s original host is a supporter of neutering and spaying pets. In fact, he ended every episode with the reminder to “help control the population of pets” and “have them spayed or neutered.”

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn has been an advocate of “adopt, don’t shop” and encourages everyone to choose to rescue animals instead of buying in a pet store. Likewise, she is also against puppy mills. She has rescue dogs named Chance and Frankie. In addition, she also warned people not to patronize circuses due to the inhumane conditions animals face in the name of entertainment.

Patricia Arquette

TV and film actress Patricia Arquette is also a supporter of animal rights. She also advocates spaying and neutering pet dogs and cats to prevent the increase of homeless, abandoned, and lost dogs and cats. In addition, the actress also encourages everyone to never buy animals from pet stores or breeders, and adopt pets in shelters instead.

Ryan Gosling

“The Notebook” actor Ryan Gosling once wrote a letter together with Brad Pitt, encouraging Costco’s CEO Craig Jelinek to “cage-free” their chickens. The letter also requested Jelinek not to buying eggs from their suppliers who cage chickens. He has since written similar letters to other fast-food restaurants, encouraging more humane ways to treat chickens. He is also an advocate of adoption and encourages everyone not to buy from pet stores and puppy mills. He has a pet dog he had adopted from an LA shelter named George.

Paul McCartney

Since the 70’s, McCartney has been an animal rights activist and a vegetarian. He was once quoted saying that every one may have been vegetarian if only they see through glass walls what is happening in slaughterhouses. He has also been a voice in preventing miserable treatment of farm animals.